Angelica Wilshire

Angelica Wilshire, also known by her nickname Angie, was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, were she currently resides.  She was born to parents who are natives of the Central American country of Panama.  She attended Boston College receiving a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and subsequently a Masters of Arts in Urban Ministry at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary's Center for Urban Ministerial Education.  Angie enjoys music, Christian fiction, being creative, songs of praise and worship, and growing in Christ through the Bible and prayer.  She began writing songs at the end of highschool and has recently completed a personal song project comprised of songs that have come to her heart over the past 14 years as an offering of thanks and appreciation for all that God has done in her life.


About the Cd Project "Between You & I: A Collection of Love Letters"...

This project is a collection of Angie's writings from about age 17 until age 30.  There are 18 tracks on the project.  The songs on the cd are in order of the period of time they were first inspired (as far as could be recalled to mind).  Many songs that were first inspired years ago have been updated or edited years later to display the completed form you hear today.  These songs reflect an awareness that in good times and in hard times; times of strength and times of weakness, God's love through Christ has remained consistent, present, true, and needed in Angie's life.  It is Angie's prayer that this project always serves as a memorial of God's activity, care and nearness in her life and as an added bonus help others see God clearly.