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1.  Earnest Prayer (Mi Oración)                  
2.  Dedication Song        
3.  Alone With You     
4.  Right Here    
5.  Worship Is (Interlude)   
6.  Come To Me     
7.  For Myself      
8.  This Love +      
9.  More      
10. I Will Remember You
11. You Are Mine *
12. In My Presence *
13. This Is My Calling (Song of the Beloved) *
14. Walkin' Worthy **
15. So Amazing ***
16. Never A Time
17. Magnificat (Luke 1:46-54)
18. Best
All songs Written  and Sung by: Angelica Wilshire
All songs Produced by: Felix Mwangi of 12thnote Productions (unless otherwise noted)
All songs Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at 12thnote Productions, Boston, MA 
* Produced by Theodore N. Hickman-Maynard
** Produced by: Ernesto R. Wilshire, Jr. of Ernie Ray Music
*** Produced by: Christopher Theodat
All background vocals sung by: Angelica Wilshire (unless otherwise noted)
+ Background vocals on  “This Love” sung by: Carla Booker, Michaiah Healey, 
Latia King, Robin Moss and Angelica Wilshire
All background vocals arranged by: Felix Mwangi of 12thnote Productions
Album Cover Photo by: 12th Note Productions
Angelica's Thanks

Dear Abba, Wow we're done! Aaggh!  What a journey.  Thank you so much for this gift to be able to complete this project.  You are so lavish with your gifts.  Thank you for being faithful to me; and for redeeming me.  You've never quit loving me and never will, I expect Love, Love and More Love! (Jer. 31:3) Thank you for choosing this form of expressing your heart; for writing to me and through me.  I pray that I get to look at you unceasingly for the rest of my life.  Thank you for your Son Jesus and for the Holy Spirit and thank you for your written Word.  You are my favorite;  & because of grace, You always will be. I love you and I pray your fragrance is spread all over the world through  and beyond me.  In Jesus' name. Amen.


Felix, Thank you so much for your guidance and awesome musical skills on this project.  You are a great producer and working on this project with you is a blessing.  May God bless you, your family, your marriage and parenting, your business and ministry.

I'll be cheering for you when you win your Stellar & Grammy awards!


Teddy, Thank you so much for the time you spent on my songs when you had your dissertation to write.  Thank you for encouraging me. You are an awesome singer and writer and family member.  God bless you Cuz.


Ray, Thank you for the peanut butter and jelly to the Walkin' Worthy track :).  You're pretty good :).  May God bless everything your hand touches.  And thank you for being a great brother.  You've given so much to me and supported me when I was down and out.  May God give you all back and more.  I love you.


Chris, Thank you for sharing your "heart beat" :).  You are so good at making beats.  Dude, keep at it, you are going to go far.  God bless you.


To My Family,  I love you.  (Dad, Mom, Ray, Corina, Jo, Eva, Ted, Bernadette, Jeremiah, Justice, Carlos, Cheryl, Phil & Jean).  You have supported me, encouraged me, spoke God's word to me, prayed for me when I didn't know I needed prayers, and even sent me to get a full spa day on Newbury street when I was in need of some extra love.  You Rock.  May God's best always be yours in every area of your life, In Jesus name - Amen!


To My friends current and past, near and far: I've gotten much joy laughing, learning, praying (and sometimes crying) with you.  I am glad for the memories and the friendship on this life journey. 

Thank you Corina Wilshire, Latia King, Michele Scott, Robin Moss, Laura Mitchell, Michaiah Healey and  Carla Booker for agreeing to be intercessors for me during my project, for every prayer you prayed or even thought to pray, and for coming with me to the studio for extra support.  I appreciate you and I pray that God really grants every desire of your heart as you delight in Him.


To My Church Family (Global & Local): 

Thank you for Your prayers, example, hospitality, forgiveness, love, kindness and truth  spoken in love. 


First Holiness Fam: Thanks for being there when times were rough, praying for me, visiting me and just existing.   Though you aren't a mega church, your love is big and impacting.

It was during the season walking with you, I learned of God's desire to be my close friend and not far away.  I am glad to have walked my elementary thru college years with you and now my present days with you. I am excited about what God is doing in us.  Thank You Pastor Lorraine for loving God, loving His Word, being gentle and fierce, understanding, yet prodding.  I'm glad you are my pastor.


To the Counselors and Mentors who have counseled or mentored me formally or informally in life giving ways thank you and may God bless you and give you his very best, both now and forever.


To the Influential People in my life that I've met from afar (or have yet to spend quality time with):

CeCe Winans, Holley Gerth, Francine Rivers, Marilyn Griffith, Max Lucado,

Janette Oke, Hallmark Movie Makers (lol):

Your gifts have blessed me weekly and in some seasons, daily.  Thank you. God bless you and God willing we will meet soon!