Between You & Part 2  - Album Credits: ________________________________________________________________________________ All songs Written  and Sung by: Angelica Wilshire, (c) 2017 All songs Produced by: Felix Mwangi of 12thnote Productions All songs Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at 12thnote Productions, Boston, MA (   ________________________________________________________________________ Angelica's Thanks      Thank you Lord, what an awesome journey to work on these songs.  You have revealed so much to me in this process and I am so grateful.  This songwriting gift keeps me ever looking at you and for that I am forever grateful.  Super excited about what is to come.  Your Kingdom Come, Your perfect will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.      Thank you so much to my Family - your support and encouragement is priceless.  You get the lifetime achievement award for support.            Thank you to the my church family, my friends near and far and for the Godly Counselors and mentors placed in my life, for your prayers and encouragement at various times.  May God bless you thru and thru.      Special thanks to those whom I asked would keep me in their prayers specifically and served as prayer intercessors while I was working on this project as well as for my life in general: Mom, Jo-Jo, Laura, Sis. Dionne ;  Whether you prayed once or many times I know that prayer is key and I am so grateful.  May God fill your life and satisfy every single one of your desires - In Jesus name I pray (amen!).      Thanks so much to Music Producer, Felix Mwangi - This was sooooo much fun!  I have grown leaps and bounds collaborating with you.  My desire to grow as a musician and producer has grown because of working with you. So grateful for your musical excellence but best of all that you understand what and who I am writing about; it makes all the difference.  You worship led alongside me thru these songs.  God bless you and your family, ministry and business.   I have about 70 more songs where these came from!      I pray that every listener will notice Jesus out of listening to these songs and have clarity on The Lord's will for your life in the short term, the long term and all in between. In Christ's love, Angie   ”

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